Flood insurance becoming more important along the lakeshore

KEWAUNEE, Wis. (WBAY) - A near record-breaking rainy season in parts of Northeast Wisconsin has more and more home owners looking into flood insurance.

In Kewaunee County, there's a push for home owners to not only get it, but to also review current flood insurance policies.

“We've had quite a few inquiries about flood, here especially in Kewaunee County since our water levels have been crazy high,” said Nicole Kirsten, Customer Service Representative with Robertson Ryan & Associates, Inc., an insurance company in Kewaunee.

Action 2 News first alerted you about high water along the lakeshore in the summer months, with erosion causing issues for home owners, and with water levels still high, people like Kirsten want to remind you that new flood insurance policies require 30 days before coverage starts.

“Flood coverage typically isn't included in your home owners package, it's something that needs to be purchased separately, so a lot of people just assume they home owners coverage, and that it's got to be covered but it's really not, it's something completely different,” said Kirsten.

Flood insurance is federally mandated.

Another tip is to check your existing plan because there are coverage caps depending on the worth of your home. Kirsten said the most you can put onto a building is $250,000.

“If it’s under that amount it might be something to look into, as far as the contents of your home, it only pays for $100,000, so again there’s limitations to what it actually covers to the value, so every house is different,” said Kirsten.