First snowfall hits Northeast Wisconsin

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- The first sizeable snowfall of the season came down late Friday night into Saturday morning, leaving several inches across our viewing area.

And while we’re used to seeing much more snow than this in Wisconsin, it doesn’t mean we were necessarily prepared for the first snowfall either.

“People on the first snowfall, it takes them a little bit. Even though they've lived here for years, it takes them a little bit to re-learn what to do,” says Dale Hoegger of Green Bay. “So be careful on the first one.”

Many preparing to shovel or snow plow, to keep their driveways clear.

“I have to get gas for my mother’s snow blower,” Hoegger tells Action 2 News. “I brought the shovel too, so I'm not sure if I'm going to use one or the other. But I'm prepared for both.”

Others we spoke to are avoiding back roads, to stay on clearer paths.

“You've still got to watch the intersections where the cars stop, and the mufflers seem to make a patch of ice there most of the time,” says Todd Brusky of Green Bay. “But just take your time and leave a few minutes early, and I think you should have no problem.”

For some – it’s more than just the first snowfall of the year, but their first snowfall all together.

“It’s her first time seeing snow,” Brusky says of his 8-month-old Golden Doodle puppy, J.C. “She stepped out of the patio door this morning, took like three steps out, looked at the ground and she had no idea. She's like, 'What in the heck is this?' She was kind of crazy and turned around and came right back in. And I said, 'You've got to go out! You woke me up to go outside, you better get out there!'”

While it wasn’t the biggest snowfall we’ve seen here in Northeast Wisconsin, it’s safe to say we can’t deny Jack Frost has finally made his way back to our area.