Arthritis class finding a new home

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) An update on a group of elderly women, some in their 90s, who learned in January their long-time arthritis exercise class through St. Mary's Hospital fell victim to budget cuts.

A new location is now offering them the chance to forget about their aches and pains.

Their exercises mirror their range of emotions since the moment the women wondered if they would ever be together again.

"We had no indication this was going to happen, it was a complete shock," says Diane Zimmer from Green Bay.

"It was a horrible thought, I thought what am I going to do because it has helped me, I have an arm and shoulder problem," adds Angeline Haferman, 95, from Green Bay.

"What do we do now, we need this exercise, we want to stay together," recalls Zimmer.

Determination to find a new home for their decades-old exercise class, a lot of phone calls and plenty of visits around town led the group to the 9th Street Wellness Center.

After just a few classes, owner Karen Stoehr realized she was hosting a sisterhood.

"They get along together, they take care of each other, they help each other and they've having a quality of life," says Stoehr.

"It's mostly something to look forward to doing because at our age we don't have any friends left, people we used to golf and bowl with, they're just not around any more," says Dotty Reeners from Hobart, who turns 90 next month.

The women are again cherishing their time together, exercising and socializing every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

"They're here and they're going through with either their walkers or canes, doesn't make any difference, they're here rain or shine," says Stoehr.

"We always felt like we're family and here we're living it up again," adds Reeners.