Finding Hope Farm on its way to helping foster families

MANITOWOC, Wis. (WBAY) -- A 12 year old boy's dream of helping foster kids through animals is coming true.

Last November we introduced you to Trayvon Heling whose goal was to have a hobby farm to help foster kids, like himself.

Now, with the help of the community the farm is becoming a reality.

The Heling family moved to this farm house in March and already has a few goats and bunnies running around

Trayvon hopes to have more animals.

“My sister, she wants a llama and maybe two more goats… and maybe some miniature horses,” said Trayvon.

He came up with the name Finding Hope Farm.

“I was thinking of children finding hope. They don't have to be sad, they could be comfortable sometimes, and I hope they would feel a lot better with animals,” said Trayvon.

His mom, Jenna Heling, is in the process of making it a non-profit organization.

“One of our goals as a foster home and one of the goals of our Finding Hope Farm is to really get kids off of all electronics, get them active, get them outside, get them to play.”

The family also planted seeds to grow fruit and vegetables, they hope will grow to help other charities.

Heling says the plan is to make salsa and jams to sell through the brand "Goat Boy." Part of the proceeds would go back to the farm, but if enough is made, they could donate to different charities.

While the farm is still a work in progress, Heling says she's already seen a difference in Trayvon and his siblings.

“It shows kids that they can dream, they can have dream, they can have a vision and you know especially kids who haven't had the best start.”

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