Fifth grade boys hold lemonade stand for Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief

Published: Sep. 16, 2017 at 9:35 PM CDT
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After seeing the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma on the news, two Grand Chute fifth graders are taking matters into their own hands with a lemonade stand.

The 10-year-old boys live across the street from each other. They say the goal is to raise $1,000 to go towards hurricane relief.

"Well it was just horrible all the destruction and all that stuff, so I wanted to help," said Dominic Ruzzicone, who started the lemonade stand.

"So we had an idea that we wanted to do a lemonade stand for Hurricane Irma and Harvey,” said Cris Agaton, who also helped start the lemonade stand.

That lemonade stand caught the attention of District Assembly Representative, Dave Murphy. Murphy's stepson and his family got hit by Hurricane Irma in Naples, Florida.

"I just thought it was an awesome idea and so we put it on our Facebook page, I sent out 3,000 e-newsletters every week and so we took a picture of the boys put it on the e-newsletter," Representative Murphy said.

Cris and Dominic’s principal at Houdini Elementary also helped get the word out by doing a morning announcement to the entire school.

The money raised will be divided and donated to Samaritans Purse, the Cajun Navy and to Debbie Kittridge, a victim of Hurricane Harvey who lost everything she had.

Those wishing to buy lemonade can do so virtually, by buying a virtual cup of lemonade on their GoFundMe page called “Hurricane Help Lemonade Stand."

"It makes me feel awesome and to know that these young men care about what's going on with people that have had catastrophe hit their homes in other parts of the country is awesome," added Representative Murphy.

"This is important because we want to set an example to prove kids can make a difference, we all have to do our part to take care of our fellow Americans," said Ruzzicone.

The boys raised $350 within the first two hours of the lemonade stand. About $800 was raised by 4:30 p.m.