Federal jury convicts man in ATM skimming scheme

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A federal jury has convicted an 18-year-old man on charges related to an ATM skimming scheme in Northeast Wisconsin.

Ionel Muresanu was convicted in the Eastern District of Wisconsin of Possession of 15 or More Counterfeit Access Devices, and three counts of Aggravated Identity Theft.

Trial testimony revealed Muresanu and a young companion placed skimmers and pinhole cameras at ATMs. The devices captured account numbers and personal identification numbers of cards swiped at the machines.

The information was transferred to magnetic stripes of gift cards. Muresanu and his partner used the cards to steal money from their victims.

Muresanu was arrested May 16 in Oshkosh. He had 80 counterfeit cards in his possession. His partner had 14 cards. Six additional cards were found at an Oshkosh store where they duo was seen using them at an ATM.

Muresanu had told police that he also put skimming devices and pinhole cameras on ATMs in Nashville, Tenn.; Atlanta, Ga.; and Kansas City, Mo.

One batch of cards earned him $30,000.

He had planned to leave Oshkosh and travel to Louisville, Ky.

Muresanu is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 13. He faces up to 10 years in prison for the possession count and two years for each of the identity theft counts.