Federal funding cut for two Wis. Veteran Housing and Recovery Programs

Veterans Affairs Letter

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Federal funding has been cut for two Wisconsin Veteran Housing and Recovery Programs at King in Waupaca County and Union Grove in Racine County.

The cuts were announced in a letter on Friday by Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary, Daniel Zimmerman.

The letter states that funding for King and Union Grove will end in September and the state can only afford to keep the shelters open through the end of 2017.

Both facilities will no longer accept new admission and will begin transitioning the 19 Veterans at King and the 28 veterans at Union Grove to new housing.

In 1994, the WDVA at King was the first in the nation programs to assist homeless Veterans with housing, mental health and/or supportive service needs to sustain a functional lifestyle.

The letter goes on to say to compensate for the loss, the state will seek to expand and redevelop the Veterans Outreach and Recovery Program from 49 to 65 counties.

The announcement comes after Governor Scott Walker, in February, recommended investing about $18 million dollars in infrastructure investments for the WVH at King in the 2017-19 Capital Budget.