Farmers Market vendors say pea growing season was a challenge

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - This weekend we've learned about a salmonella outbreak linked to peas sold at farmers markets in Green Bay, Fond Du Lac , and Madison. One case in Brown County sent someone to the hospital.

Health officials are asking folks who purchased loose peas between July 19th and August 5th to throw them away.

Meanwhile, area farmers say the season for growing peas posed a challenge this year.

“Growing peas this year posed a little extra challenge with all the water, a lot of farms got really flooded out and I think that’s what could have happened is peas touching the ground, obviously there's bacteria on the ground that could get to those peas,” said Andrew Adamski, a local farmer and vender at the Saturday Farmers Market in Green Bay.

Peas inside the pod are safe to eat as long as you wash them. Some farmers at the market on Saturday said they always try to take extra precaution to avoid any bacteria.

“Food safety is one of our number one priorities, we make sure that all of our vegetables are at least rinsed twice we try and sanitize all of our bins after every use, especially when we do mixed greens and other things like that, we try to inform people to make sure that they wash everything,” said Chris Brodhheen, Produce Production Manager at Groche Organic Farms.

Many shoppers at the farmers market say they're not too concerned, but if you are there's some things you can ask vendors.

“Ask them if they have good growing practices, there's GAP certification that farms can get to certify that they're growing with good agricultural practices,” said Adamski.