Fans discover Titletown district before Packers' first preseason game

ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (WBAY) - Football fans had a beautiful day and time to kill, and many were out and about in Titletown before the Packers' first preseason game kicked off.

A band performs at Titletown before a preseason game with Lambeau Field in the background (WBAY photo)

Family and friends listened to a live band while the kids played on the football-theme playground and sports field.

There was obviously a lot of green and gold to see, but there were also plenty of fans rocking Houston Texans gear for their favorite player, Wisconsin native J.J. Watt.

The people who keep Titletown up and running say there's nothing like having a crowd that's amped up for a game to start.

"I'm excited! We're ready!" Neville Spanaus from Hartford said.

Packers fans from all across the state spent time in Titletown.

"Every day is game day at Titletown. You know, there's always something going on, but when we get to add in the experience of football and all of the fans that come cheer on the team, it's a whole other level," Titletown programs and marketing coordinator Mallory Steinberg said.

A few families told us this is their first time seeing a Packers game. While those fans are excited simply to be here, all of the fans -- regardless of which team they're loyal to -- are excited to have football starting up again.

"I just really want to hear the 'Go Pack Go' and the atmosphere of the whole stadium and everything. I'm excited for that," Ben Sokup from Eau Claire said.

"I want to see what the stadium looks like in real person, and yeah, just super excited to see it," Mary Sokup of Eau Claire added.

"It's my nephew's first game," Spanaus said. "I love it. I want him to be coming to the games with me so we can get him into it starting young."

But even if they weren't donning the winning team's colors, football fans were excited to catch a game.

"I love it. I'm sorry I'm not home in New England to watch the Patriots play, but I'm coming to see the Packers play the Texans. It'll be a good game. Weather's good. So, we'll see what happens," Ron Poulin from New Hampshire said.

"The weather is perfect today. It's an awesome day to get back into Lambeau and cheer on the team, start the season off right," Steinberg told us.

"We're ready. This will be our year," Spanaus said.

"Go Pack Go. Go Pack Go," the Sokups cheered.

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