Fans debate willingness to go to games after Packers schedule released

Photo credits : MGN
Photo credits : MGN(KALB)
Published: May. 7, 2020 at 8:16 PM CDT
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The NFL hasn't said whether fans will be allowed to attend games this season, and if so, in what capacity.

So we asked fans whether they would go if it were allowed.

There's no question people are missing sports right now and if you were interested in the release of the Packers schedule you might be wondering about going to a game.

However, many say the outbreak of the coronavirus is making this a tough call.

As Lambeau Field remains closed to public for the time being, fans who hold season tickets like Bill DeGroot are starting to wonder.

"If the gates are open, I'll be there," he said.

DeGroot, who lives in Oshkosh, has only missed five home games since 1965 and is hoping the coronavirus won't increase the total.

"Well, I sit next to my brother and I trust he's free of anything I could catch and we'll see what happens. I'll abide by whatever they come up with," said DeGroot.

On social media plenty of people also posted comments after the release of the schedule.

Kevin wrote, "Do you think Vegas will have odds on how many people will get the Virus from going to a game?"

Nicole replied, "Funny, though, hundreds or thousands or millions of us going to work everyday who aren't yet sick."

Others are a bit more undecided.

"Well, we don't go to games to begin with, we watch them all on TV, but like the Kenny Chesney concert we were supposed to go to at Miller Park, it's supposed to get rescheduled, we'll have to think about it," said Mike Rademacher of Rosendale.

Others fear no fans allowed would hurt the local economy.

Gary Bauer of Fox Crossing added, "It's bad enough the way it is, and that brings a lot of money into the area here and everything so yeah, it would be bad. I hope they can do it. I hope they can, and I hope the fans can watch it. I'm excited about it, I just hope we can."

A few people wondered about whether wearing a mask will be required and if so how would that impact the noise level.

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