Fans answer the call to shovel snow at Lambeau Field

ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (WBAY) - The community answered the call Monday at Lambeau Field and while it's a tradition that's lived on for years --- hundreds come out every time to support the green and gold, with a shovel.

However, the call might be made again at the end of the week with more snow in the forecast.

“That doesn't excite us too much but again we'll ask for people to come out and help us, we always thank the people when they leave, but we're also going to put a board up that says to pay attention to the weather, to the news that we may need your help on Friday because the game is on Saturday and we have to turn that around quick,” said Todd Edelbeck, Facilities Manager at Lambeau Field.

While some come out for the cash payment a lot of folks said they come simply for the tradition and the love of their football team.

“Years ago we paid in a check, and then what the accounting department found out was that nobody cashed the check because everyone wanted a check from the green bay packers so that's why we went to cash, plus this is a little quicker and easier,” said Edelbeck.

Even some ‘outsider’ fans said it's a great thing especially this time of year when some might need the extra few bucks.

The maintenance crew says if you missed out, there's a good chance they'll need you at the end of the week.