Family nominations needed for second year of "Best Christmas Ever"

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- For the second year in a row, at least one northeast Wisconsin family will receive the “Best Christmas Ever.”

It's a non-profit organization aiming to give families an unforgettable Christmas.

“A lot of businesses do adopt families during the Christmas holiday, that was our story, we always adopted a family for Christmas and this is just kind of a unique way to do it,” said Justin Spettel, owner of Core Insurance and the leader of the Northeast Wisconsin Chapter of “Best Christmas Ever.”

In 2017, he helped give the first local “Best Christmas Ever” to a family who lost a child in a horrific car crash.

“We try to find a family that's fallen on hard times this year through no fault of their own,” said Spettel.

How it works is, the “captain” and their business sponsor selects one nominated family to receive the ultimate Christmas surprise.

The chosen family will receive gifts that best suit their needs, from everyday necessities, appliances, services or money to cover bills.

“The Christmas spirit, Christmas joy, it's supposed to be in every household in my opinion,” said Spettel.

The non-profit started in Minnesota in 2011 and has doubled in size every year.

Last year, 51 families were nominated in northeast Wisconsin and Spettel is hoping to get more nominations this year and bless at least five families in need.

“Last year, I was the only captain in northeast Wisconsin because it was such a brand new program. More people have stepped up this year saying they'd like to captain their own families, so we need more nominations,” said Spettel.

Best Christmas Ever is taking nominations of families in need now, until Thursday, November 15.

To nominate a family, click here.