Family: Steven Avery ‘stunned’ after Dassey ruling

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Originally published August 12, 2016 WAUPUN, Wis. (WBAY) – The news about Brendan Dassey’s conviction being overturned wasn’t something the family or relatives of Steven Avery were expecting on Friday.

Several of Avery’s family members were actually visiting him Friday at the Waupun prison when the news broke.

“She’s like I got good news, I got good news, you gotta hear this good news. And we’re like ok, what good news.” That’s how Kayla Avery, who visited her Uncle Steve with Dolores Avery, Steven’s mom, explains the way cousin Carla Chase broke the news about Dassey’s conviction being overturned.

Chase says, “We heard the news coming up here. We were all excited we’d be the first ones to tell Steven and Dolores and Earl and Kayla and we’re really happy to hear it’s finally overturned.”

But she says Steven Avery had a bit of a different response. According to Chase, “He was kind of stunned because he can’t believe that it actually came through. He was in a little disbelief. He didn’t believe that it actually came through and it’s like yes, it came through everywhere, it’s news and all.”

Steven Avery is currently appealing his murder conviction in the 2005 death of freelance photographer Teresa Halbach in Manitowoc County.

Avery’s mother, Delores, is still trying to process the news regarding Dassey, but it’s something she hopes means good things for Steven’s case.

“As long as my son gets out too,” says Dolores Avery. “I’m kind of old already, you know.”

Steven Avery’s brother, Earl, is hopeful for what this means for his brother’s case.

“He’ll be out of there sooner or later,” Earl Avery said. “Like he says, the truth always comes out.”

Earl Avery says Steven was upbeat during their visit.

In addition to all of the family that visited with Steven Avery today, his attorney Kathleen Zellner also paid him a visit. The Avery family says it doesn’t know what Zellner and Steven Avery talked about because he doesn’t discuss his case with them.