Families playing the waiting game amid summer toy shortage

 Kristyn Allen's daughters play outside. (WBAY Photo)
Kristyn Allen's daughters play outside. (WBAY Photo) (WBAY)
Published: Jun. 23, 2020 at 5:47 AM CDT
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Summer toys for kids can be hard to find these days.

Factors related to the coronavirus pandemic are causing shortages of pools, swing sets, bikes and other recreational equipment.

Action 2 News This Morning reporter Kristyn Allen says her family has been waiting for a wooden play set. The one they want has been out of stock for months. The manufacturer tells Kristyn that the pandemic caused them to shut down production for some time. Now, they're trying to get caught up.

Some families are opting to stay at home more due to the virus and canceling summer vacations. That means there's a big demand for pools, accessories and sandboxes for the backyard.

A marketing instructor with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College says some companies are unsure how many items to make. They don't want to overproduce.

"This is all really new territory for everyone. What we're seeing is everyone getting back to re-evaluating their purchases with uncertainty in the economy. Looking at what you're buying and how you're using it, if you need it. That's created a lot of anxiety for manufacturer and retailers because no one really knows how everyone is going to react," says John Maier, NWTC.

You have some options. Check out Facebook Marketplace for people selling or looking to get rid of their summer toys.

If there's something you really want, considering traveling out of town to a retail store that has your item in stock.