Families demand answers as Tyco investigates well contamination

Published: Jan. 23, 2018 at 4:45 PM CST
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Dozens of families in the town of Peshtigo are drinking bottled water as their wells have tested positive for contamination.

Tyco Fire Protection Products, a manufacturer of fire-fighting foam, says it is investigating the possible discovery of compounds in the foam in nearby drinking water.

Jeff Lamont, born and raised in the town of Peshtigo, says he was told that his well tested positive for contamination.

The Tyco facility is located about a mile from his home.

In December, Lamont received a letter from Tyco asking for permission to test his well. Since then, Lamont has been instructed to drink bottled water.

"The State of Wisconsin has no standards for these contaminants, they don't have any preventative action levels," Lamont tells Action 2 News.

Other neighbors to the company attended a community meeting in Peshtigo on Tuesday night. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Wisconsin Department of Health Services was in attendance.

Tyco provided this statement to Action 2 News prior to the meeting:

The DNR has sent an order to Tyco requiring it to put together a plan moving forward. That starts with more well testing and then a possible fix.

"The subsequent phase will be a broader investigation where Tyco will go out and install what are called groundwater monitoring wells and use those to really figure out where it's at spatially and depth-wise in the aquifer," says Stephen Ales, Remediation and Redevelopment Program, Department of Natural Resources.

Exposure to perfluorinated compounds comes with lifelong health risks, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

That's why Jeff Lamont says he will be vocal until something is done.

"We're going to pursue this, we're not just going to leave this lay," Lamont says. "They've impacted our quality of life here, and they need to do something about it."

Action 2 News is in Peshtigo for the meeting. We'll continue to update this developing story on air and online.