FVTC hopes to shrink diesel technician shortage with virtual reality program

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GRAND CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY) - A tech college hopes virtual reality helps address a technician shortage.

We showed you on Action 2 News in June that our area was facing a shortage of boat mechanics.

Now Fox Valley Technical College is helping fill a lack of diesel engine techs in the state.

It may look like a simple machine in virtual reality, but diesel engines play a major role in revving up American commerce.

"If you look around your house everything you have come via truck, even if it was hauled by rail it came via diesel engine," said Jay Duca, Fox Valley Tech Instructor of Diesel Equipment.

And for the engines to stay in working shape, technicians stay in demand.

"Here in the state of Wisconsin, we post about 20-25 tech jobs a week through a program called Wisconsin Tech Connect just for diesel mechanics," said Duca.

Lamers Bus Lines says they're looking to hire more diesel technicians across the state.

"As a company in the transportation industry we're always looking for diesel technicians or automotive technicians to maintain our fleet," said Paul Mennen of Lamers.

Lamers say they eventually pay diesel engine mechanics about $20 to $25 an hour.

All of their mechanics have or are working for tech certifications.

The virtual engine was created by the Fox Valley Tech Learning Innovations Department using the Microsoft Hololens.

Students work with an instructor learning the inner workings and cycles of a diesel engine

"In order to fix it we have to understand it," said Duca.

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