Cows escape, farm buildings flattened in Pulaski area

PULASKI, Wis. (WBAY) - "Phone was going off and everything."

Kathy Luebke knew severe weather was headed her way in Pulaski.

"I had never seen it rain this hard."

She never expected to find her shed completely leveled.

"It was funny 'cause I looked out the window and my gas grill was down, and then I looked further and saw the shed was gone."

The shed houses farming equipment for their small dairy farm, and she is hoping not all is destroyed.

"Hopefully we can salvage some of the hey, but won't know 'til we get in there."

Action 2 News canvassed the area as the rain lessened Wednesday afternoon. Luebke's was just one of many buildings in Pulaski that were destroyed.

About a mile down the road, even more buildings were damaged.

"I knew it wasn't good," Tom Kuczer of Kuczer Farm said.

As he toured the damage, "This is the first time I am getting to look at some of this stuff."

Roofs completely torn off, silos dented, sheet metal coiled up on the grass, and a building completely wiped away.

"There was a building on all that concrete back there. Ye, this was a building today and it is now behind the building and was used to house the heifers."

Sixty-five heifers got out during the storm. They managed to round up most of them but are still looking for about 15.

"The whole group that is missing came in last Wednesday so they are not used to the facility, still don't know where to come back to yet, because they got so spoiled," Kuczer said.

There is a lot of cleanup for a lot of people here in Pulaski, but everyone we talked with said the same thing: at least no one got hurt.

Barn shed on ground
Barn shed in Pulaski leveled by storm (WBAY photo)

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