Evers' higher education budget would continue tuition freeze

Published: Feb. 24, 2019 at 10:23 AM CST
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Gov. Tony Evers's budget calls for giving people in the country without legal permission in-state tuition rates at University of Wisconsin System schools, continuing a long-running tuition freeze and handing the system an additional $150 million.

Evers is set to release his full budget Thursday but his administration gave The Associated Press a preview of his plans for UW.

Evers campaigned on allowing students who were children when their parents brought them into the U.S. without legal permission in-state tuition. His plan would let any Wisconsin resident who entered the country without legal permission to pay in-statute tuition.

He also campaigned on continuing the tuition freeze. Republican lawmakers put the freeze in place in 2013.

He also promised to allow Wisconsin students to refinance their loans. His budget plan doesn't do that but does set aside $50,000 to study the feasibility of creating a refinancing authority.