Evers brings "Tour for Change" to Northeast Wisconsin

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) - With just days left until Election Day, candidates are making a final push for votes.

Democratic candidate for governor Tony Evers held a rally in Oshkosh late Friday afternoon.

Criss-crossing the state in a school bus, State Superintendent Evers expects to log lots of miles from now until Election Day, holding rallies and attempting to energize his base support of Democratic voters, knowing the race for governor could be very close.

"Who doesn't want good schools? Who doesn't want good roads?" Evers said.

The event brought a crowd of supporters to the party headquarters in Oshkosh, who heard from several Democratic candidates for local and state offices who spoke.

"I want our legacy to be we worked on solving problems for the people of Wisconsin without dividing, without pitting people against each other," Evers said.

Evers spoke about a number of issues he hopes will resonate with voters, including his support for further education funding and lowering the cost of health care and taxes for middle class families.

"I've talked about in the income tax area making sure we have a 10 percent cut for people in the middle class. I've never said we're going to have a dollar a gallon gas tax, and what we're going to do there is bring people together with no preconceived notions. So do I hope there's no gas tax? Yes, I do."

Evers also told the crowd with early voting now done, it's up them to ensure everyone they know makes it to the polls on Tuesday as turnout will be the key to winning.

"Oshkosh is not unlike other places in the state. There's lots of conservatives, there's lots of progressives, but at the end of the day they all want the same thing. It's around Wisconsin values. Who doesn't want good schools? Who doesn't want good health care? Who doesn't want good environmental policy? Those things are bonafide, bonafide Wisconsin values," Evers said.