Ever-changing vape pen designs make them easier to sneak into school

Vape pens that look like USB flash drives (WBAY photo)
Vape pens that look like USB flash drives (WBAY photo)(WBAY)
Published: May. 14, 2018 at 4:31 PM CDT
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"We want the parents in our community to be aware that they look differently now than they did four years ago," said Jeremy Pach, principal at Pulaski High School.

The principal of Pulaski High School says the technology of vape pens is ever-changing. Vape pens, or e-cigarettes, have been around for years, but evolving designs have made it easier for students to use them in school.

Now some administrators want to teach parents about the latest in vaping technology.

Four years ago, Pulaski High School sent a letter to parents about how the use of vape pens is on the rise. Last Friday, a letter from the district focused on how much the technology has changed.

"The manufacturers are making it a little easier to sneak these devices around. They're much smaller. The example I gave in the letter is the ‘credit card vape,’ it looks like a credit card. I want parents to be aware of that going into the summer and the next school year," Pach said.

"It's advanced up. Honestly the technology that they've been able to come out with, it's ridiculous. Like, you have vaporizers that can talk to you pretty much, so it's advanced up big time," said Bobby Wazwaz, the store manager at Tundra Smoke Shop in Ashwaubenon.

Vape pens emit water vapor, leaving very little scent and no smoke. They also have a variety of flavors appealing to the younger generation.

"I think it's because it gives you more options than cigarettes. I mean, there are a lot of vapors you can choose from. It's ridiculous what kind of flavors you can vape. I mean, they have flavors like pizza, Tootsie Rolls, Cocoa Puffs, any flavor you can think of they have it," said Wazwaz.

Pach says his faculty often confiscates vape pens that look like USB flash drives.

The faculty at Pulaski undergo training exercises to recognize what to look for. Pach says even though many of the students are under 18, getting their hands on a vape pen isn't that hard.

"The internet does not check your ID. Students are purchasing them online and having them delivered to their homes or their friends' homes. There are also students who are over 18 that are purchasing them and selling them," Pach adds.