Strong winds and high waters cause flooding on Green Bay's east side

Published: Dec. 1, 2019 at 5:41 PM CST
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Some residents along Green Bay's East Shore Drive and Lakeside Place were evacuated Sunday due to high waters.

The rising water levels are due to the quickly melting snow along the East Lakeside. Roads were shut down because of the high water.

Green Bay Metro Fire Battalion Chief Drew Spielman tells Action 2 News that only about nine people chose to evacuate. Most people stayed in their homes.

“Other than they’re probably going to be between ankle-deep and thigh-deep water in some places," said Spielman. "It might be hard to get in and out for them, but they chose to stay that’s their choice they can do that.”

He encourages people who live in areas prone to flooding to be prepared.

"Be ready to go, because if it comes it's usually quick," said Spielman. "Have a plan, have a place to go, somebody to call, some place you can go is a big thing. But the biggest thing is just be ready to go."

He says a main contributor to the flooding is all the wind.

“With the bay being as high as it already is, you know the record highs, the wind creates the – or pushes the water back, but then the wind also creates the bigger waves and the waves are what actually are coming up over the seawall into this low area here,” said Spielman.

The highest water in that area is reported to be about thigh-high deep. Other areas are facing ankle-deep water.

If you live near the East River, please monitor the water levels and take necessary precautions.

Other areas around the bay also have severe flooding. Tom Schampers's home sits right along the East side of the bay. It is surrounded by so much water Action 2 News had to interview him over the phone. He sent videos to WBAY, showing water at least a couple feet deep covering his backyard.

“It’s within maybe a foot of reaching the first floor. But the waves are what’s - I can hear the waves pounding on all four sides, because it comes around from the back,” said Schampers.

He says many residents in the area are used to a lot of flooding, but with the higher water levels it's been getting worse.

"That's kind of the thing, you know, people have a lot of time and investment into their property," said Schampers. "Unfortunately you can't fight mother nature."

Schampers is keeping an eye on things and has someone to call for help if he needs it, but he doesn't plan to leave his home until it is absolutely necessary.

"Take it hour by hour and day by day," said Schampers.

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