Early cold and snow causes concern for plants

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LITTLE CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY) - The recent cold and snow on the ground hasn't gone unnoticed if you like to garden or have an abundance of plants.

Cold weather is on the way, make sure you are prepared. / (MGN)

Right now many nurseries are also having to take precautions because of the cold that's a lot earlier than normal.

At Van Zeeland Nursery and Landscape the focus this time of the year is usually on the fall colors, but since the first snowfall workers have had to shift gears.

"This year it has definitely gotten colder, very quickly," said Lead Designer Steve VanRyzin, who added, "Now instead of doing some installations, we're actually putting all of our effort into doing winter protection, winterizing our plants, protecting our plants from deer and animal damage and things like that."

Already at the nursery a number of plants have been covered in burlap as a precaution against the winter cold.

At the Green Bay Botanical Garden most outdoor plants still out do okay during the winter, but the early snow has caused a few issues.

Director of Horticulture Mark Konlock said,"It's kind of unique to have the snow right now so it makes for a little more challenge in the set up of our light show and the cut down of all of our perennials. We're actually knocking snow off of them so we can cut them back today. It is kind of magical. It's like a whole winter wonderland already so."

Action 2 News also wanted to know, whether the early cold and snow would cause any long term problems, or impact the growing season next spring.

Right now, we're told it's possible, but it's likely to take seven to eight months for any signs to pop up.

VanRyzin said,"Sometimes when the plants transition into such an early dormancy they don't have that time to do their long period of preparations, but we really have to wait for spring to find out what the true damage will be."