ESPN's Sal Paolantonio talks Packers QB money and winning defense

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ESPN's Sal Paolantonio talks QB money and winning defense as it pertains to Green Bay.

The Packers must pay Aaron Rodgers, but he has to be sure he's not pricing himself out of a Super Bowl. The Eagles and even Patriots with Tom Brady have team-friendly QB contracts in place.

Here are the highlights:

(On giving Aaron Rodgers a contract extension)
“There have been a lot of examples recently where teams have gone to the bank and give the quarterbacks a lot of money and it hasn’t paid off. Andrew Luck, Joe Flacco is pretty good example where they overpaid and I like Joe Flacco but the Ravens overpaid and they wound up getting hamstrung.”

“You look at teams that lead the league in points allowed or close to it are usually in the Super Bowl or close to it. You got to play team defense now in the NFL and takes a lot of players...You have got to play good team defense or you are not going to go to the Super Bowl.”

“If you are Aaron Rodgers you have to understand the economics of building a successful team and what it takes for the entire team and you don’t want to price yourself out of a Super Bowl which is something that Joe Flacco and to a certain extent Andrew Luck I believe have done.”

(On what the Packers need to do to get back in the Super Bowl)
“If Aaron Rodgers had been healthy the Packers would have been in the NFC Championship game. Definitely. To me that’s the difference. It was the Vikings who knocked them out...Rodgers is healthy playing in the NFC Championship game, I like the Packers chances.”