EASTER BLESSING: Kristyn Allen takes Braelyn home

Photo: Kristyn Allen

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Easter was truly a blessed day for Action 2 News This Morning reporter Kristyn Allen and her family. Her daughter Braelyn returned home after an extended stay at Children's Hospital of Milwaukee.

Braelyn came home to Green Bay Friday, April 20. It's a wish come true for Kristyn and her family. The goal was to get Braelyn home in time for Easter.

Braelyn had been in the hospital for 72 days. She spent a week at St. Vincent in Green Bay before she was transferred to Children's Hospital of Milwaukee on Feb. 13. Braelyn and her twin sister Brielle came down with the respiratory illness RSV this winter. It hit Braelyn much harder. Brielle was treated in Green Bay, but Braelyn had to be rushed to Milwaukee and put on a machine called ECMO to act as her lungs. CLICK HERE for the full story on Braelyn's journey. She's now an ECMO survivor.

Braelyn suffered a brain bleed while she was ill. Before her release from the hospital, she had an MRI. The neurosurgeon said he was happy with the scan and that everything looked good.

Braelyn came home with a g-tube for feeding. Kristyn says her daughter's had a hard time adjusting to that. Doctors say Braelyn will get used to it and having volume in her stomach again. When Braelyn was on the ECMO, she was receiving fluids through an IV. She also had to be weaned off several medications.

Kristyn says Braelyn gets nine different medications multiple times a day.

Braelyn remains on a half-liter of oxygen at this time. Kristyn hopes she can wean off that soon.

She's about to start speech, occupational and physical therapy.

Kristyn and her family enjoyed an Easter egg hunt on Sunday and spending time as a family for the first time in weeks.

Sarah Thomsen is sitting down with Kristyn and the family for a story set to air on Action 2 News. We'll keep you updated.

Kristyn hopes to return to work by June.

Kristyn had to take a leave of absence from work and is not collecting a paycheck at this time. Kristyn's cousin Deanna Newman has started a GoFundMe. Any money raised will help Greg and Kristyn care for Braelyn. CLICK HERE FOR THE GOFUNDME for Braelyn & Brielle's RSV Fight & Recovery

Braelyn and her Easter basket