Drivers venture out on icy roads despite warnings

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - Snow and slush continue to cover streets in Brown County, where some side roads still need to be plowed or scraped.

(WBAY photo)

Some Brown County travelers decided it was worth the risk to venture out Thursday, continuing with their daily errands even when driving conditions deteriorated.

"I had to get a haircut, so I was on my way home from work and went in and got a haircut," Dave McIlheran of De Pere told us.

Some said Thursday's snow after the freezing rain actually helped create some traction for their tires.

"I think the roads, they're better than I thought, actually," McIlheran said. "They kind of have the snow on it, on top of the ice. I think that actually made it a little bit better."

Others felt it was best to stay off the roads.

"It is very icy, very slushy, and mixture of the snow and the rain is causing ice-out conditions. Cars are iced. It's pretty bad," Ryan Hoffman of De Pere expressed.

The Department of Transportation says road conditions can change extremely quickly from snow to ice or vice versa depending on your destination. It advises taking your time while traveling and, if you can, postponing your trip until road conditions are clear.

"Whether it's an ice storm, snowstorm, rainstorm, when there's moisture on the highways your brakes aren't going to work as expected, so you need to leave a lot of room between you and the car in front of you," Mark Kantola of the DOT said.

Hoffman plows snow as a second job. He says he's had calls from nearly a dozen businesses and homes needing help.

Both he and the DOT ask drivers to be mindful.

"People need to know, if it's really cold out, just because there's salt doesn't mean that salt is working on a cold pavement," Kantola said.