Drivers involved in multiple car pileup describe experience

Published: Feb. 24, 2019 at 9:49 PM CST
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One person dead and more than 70 taken to nearby hospitals where five still remain.

Others left stranded on the side of the road were housed at local businesses before being bused to a church, acting as a warming shelter.

At this time all families have been reunited.

Meanwhile about 131 vehicles were left along Hwy 41 involved in the massive pileup.

“Involved in pile up "My mom was driving and just all of a sudden she said Riann,” Riann Pargeter said.

"You could just hear the crashes from all around us and then we were kind of able to just pull to the side a little bit,” Pargeter said.

While drivers like Riann were able to escape the pileup, others like Phoenix weren't so lucky.

"We ran into like blowing snow and then next thing you know there were like cars piled up and then we smashed right into it,” Driver Phoenix said.

Phoenix said she's lucky she got to walk away.

"We ran into like a white SUV and then somebody else ran into us and we hit the side on my fiance's side,” said Phoenix.

Deputies said white out conditions are to blame.

"Those were the worst conditions I’ve ever seen,” Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Todd Christopherson said.

Riann described the pile up like nothing she's seen or experienced before.

"A truck came up next to us and you just sit there and just wait and think okay we're going to get hit next,” said Pargeter.

If you are still looking for information on a friend or family member who may have been involved in the crash, you can call the Sheriff’s Office at (920) 236-7459.