Action 2 News interviewed the driver who saved the child who showed us where this happened, just inside the Green Bay city limits. This article is updated to reflect this new information. Video sent to our newsroom shows a turkey chasing a child down the street after school Monday. The child, weighed down by a backpack and something in his hand, is staying steps ahead of his pursuer in the bicycle lane. Suddenly, a sport utility vehicle veers in front of the turkey, cutting the cantankerous gobbler off from its prey. The driver of the vehicle, Vanessa Miramontes, said her motherly instincts kicked in and she knew she had to help the kid. "My first concern was that I didn't want to see the kid run out in the road trying to get away from this and get hit by car," said Miramontes. "I instinctively turned in front of it." Miramontes said she could see the fear on the kid's face. "As we got closer, you just saw this kids eyes completely bugged out and this turkey running full speed at this child," said Miramontes. "I knew I had to do something to help in the slightest. No intentions were there to hit the turkey or hurt it by any means, but it was awfully close to the kid where I knew something needed to happen or it would hurt the kid." Miramontes was able to slow the turkey down, while another vehicle picked up the kid and brought him home. "Don't get in vehicles with strangers, but I think the circumstances are different when you are being chased by a turkey," said Miramontes. This happened on Wood Lane near Ironwood Drive, which is just west of the I-41/Lombardi Avenue interchange. The child was walking home from school when the bird went in hot pursuit. We don't know if this is the famous Ashwaubenon turkey "Smoke," but video of the chase could certainly hurt its running for the title of "Mayor of Ashwaubenon."