‘Don’t take chances:’ Wash. nursing home patient back home after defeating coronavirus

(CNN) - A 90-year-old woman is now back home after bouncing back after nearly dying from complications of the coronavirus.

Geneva Woods was at the Life Care Center in Washington for rehab when she contracted the novel coronavirus. (Source: Wood's family/CNN)

Geneva Wood thought she was taking her last breaths.

“I said to the doctor, ‘This is the end. I'm not going to make it and I want to see my family,'” Wood said.

The doctors said Wood’s lungs were filling with fluid and they didn’t thing she was going to make it. So, they called her family in to say their final goodbyes.

Wood had just survived a stroke and was sent to the Life Care Center in Washington for rehabilitation.

The nursing home became the first place in the U.S. to have a major deadly outbreak of the novel virus and Wood herself contracted it.

"She had been fighting so hard, you know, coming back from a stroke to be taken down by a virus. It was kind of cruel,” Cami Neidigh, Wood’s daughter, said.

The strong-willed feisty great-grandmother, who had survived dozens bouts of the flu, the Great Depression, and World War II, was a mere shell of herself.

But then, her 90-year old body fought back. Now she’s back home, enjoying her favorite chair and making her special potato soup.

"It’s been exhausting and it’s great to be home. And I love it here,” Wood said.

After her fight with the virus, Wood has a message for everyone: Fight with all you’ve got.

"I'm corona-free and I had been given the all clear,” Woods said. “Do what you're supposed to do and don't take chances and keep, keep fighting."

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