Domestic violence victims are Celebrating Strength

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Strength.

T-shirts on a fence outside Golden House domestic violence shelter in Green Bay display messages from abuse survivors (WBAY photo)

That's the resounding theme of hope for survivors of domestic violence during this awareness month.

Survivors and the community are showing their strength in overcoming violence.

Hand-drawn messages displayed in the white T-shirt project outside Golden House in Green Bay show messages from the heart.

Survivors staying in the domestic violence shelter made them to show not only their strength but tell others they have it, too.

"I feel that people are becoming more brave. They're coming forward. They know they need help, and we have an agency that has all the services you need to step forth and be brave and take the courageous step," says Amanda Gay, Golden House communications and special events coordinator.

Every month this year, Golden House says it's emergency shelter has been at capacity, but that's a fraction of the help it provides.

The organization has already served more than 1,000 women, men and children this year.

"We provide services such as crisis support, safety planning, court support, mental health therapy, and we have dedicated services, just for children," says Gay.

Saturday, survivors and their families will enjoy a unique day of pampering and family activities, where they can just be themselves, during the Celebrating Strength event.

"They've been through some devastating, trying times, and we need to make sure they understand that they're valued and appreciated and they're worth it," says Gay.

October 29, Golden House's fall fundraiser, called Show of Strength, will feature New York Times Best Selling author Leslie Morgan Steiner sharing her experience with domestic violence and how she came out of it stronger.

"You can be an Ivy League graduate, staring at your diploma and have a gun to your head and still be in love," explains Gay.

"She does a beautiful job illustrating the fear people face and how you can overcome it, but it needs a community of support and that's why Golden House exists, too," adds Gay.

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