Dog survives shot from Marinette police officer

Published: Aug. 23, 2017 at 5:15 PM CDT
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The city of Marinette Police Department is investigating after one of its officers shot a dog last week. The dog survived but the bullet has yet to be removed— something the owners can't afford-- and the police department won't pay for.

Last Thursday, a nine-year-old and her friend were calling 911 and hanging up.

According to a neighbor, when a police officer showed up, the family dog Remington got outside because the kids hadn't latched the door all the way.

Todd Smotucha recalls, "As he was approaching the driveway, I noticed the dog which was walking out through here and as he was entering the driveway he got a little ways in and then he pulled out his pistol and shot the dog for no reason."

"After that, my ma came into the bedroom because she was watching TV and she heard the shot. She asked me what happened I said, 'they just shot their dog over there.' She goes, 'For what?' And I says, 'I don't know why it didn't attack him or nothing I said he just walked in the driveway, the dog walked out, and he shot it,'” Smotucha continued.

The chocolate lab's owner says her three and half year old dog has no history of attacks.

Owner Tiffany Goodlet claims a different officer who arrived on-scene told her Remington's bills would be covered by the department. “He took the phone it was from his own personal phone and said, 'bill everything to the Marinette Police Department. Get him down there,’" Goodlet told Action 2 News.

But when the vet's estimated bill came out to be more than $5,000, she says the department changed their tune.

“The lieutenant from the police department called down there and said, 'we are not covering a dime for this, your dog attacked our officer,'” Goodlet said.

The bullet, which went through the dog's head, remains lodged between its ribs. The police department would not comment- referring us to City Attorney Jonathan Sbar. "Even though I do not believe we had a formal citizen complaint in this case, we'll always do an internal review, and that review is ongoing,” said Sbar.


has been set up for the dog.