Dog rescued from Fox River in Little Chute is recovering

LITTLE CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY) - A dog in Little Chute is on the road to recovery after falling through ice on the Fox River this past weekend. His owner wants to send a message to the first responders and the community, who she says helped save her best four-legged friend's life.

The dog spent 25 minutes under water. Action 2 News showed you body cam footage taken by the Fox Valley Metro Police Department.

“I said there's a dog down there, it's almost drowning period, it's in the ice it can't get out of the ice,” said Todd Mosher, the person to call 911 when witnesses saw the dog drowning.

It was a quick action rescue with Little Chute firefighters as Border Collie mix Wes struggled to stay above the freezing water.

“I’ve had many dogs in my lifetime, so I know the love that you share for a dog, a dog's love,” said Mosher.

Rescuers eventually brought the pup to safety. Mosher said, “Good news is hard to come by these days and everyone needs a little pick me up, and this is my pick me up.”

It was even better news for Wes' owner Kim Kuether who calls Wes a fighter.

“He was kind of abused before I got him, and I took him in and I said you're my dog,” said Kuether.

Kuether wants to thank the community and the rescuers who saved Wes because for her, he's not just a dog.

“Great community service, they went out of their way, all the people at Hawk's Nest, I compliment them, I thank them so much, I owe everybody so much,” said Kuether.