Dog rescued after falling into icy Fox River

Published: Jan. 30, 2020 at 4:07 PM CST
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An ice rescue unfolds Thursday morning in Oshkosh, after a dog fell into the Fox River. The incident happened around 8am near the Wisconsin Street bridge.

Ken Doran captured the dog's rescue on video, after the puppy in a harness, attached to a leash ran right in front of him on the UWO campus.

According to Doran, "We got out of the car to chase it down and it got across the river, onto the ice, and onto the other side. First it was running back and forth and it didn't get into the water and I saw it go right in."

Scared for the dog's safety, in the frigid water, Doran ran across the Wisconsin Street bridge. He says, "It was so scary because the puppy is just sitting there with his face on the ice and not moving and I thought it wasn't going to make it."

Someone else was already calling 911 to get help.

Doran says, "We both sat here trying to get it. Then, a couple of other people showed up in a truck and they had this big extension cord that they were throwing out to it. The puppy was so weak and it was trying to bite the cord, but it wasn't holding on too strong, it was scary."

The Oshkosh Fire Department responded to the scene. Equipment operator, Tony Montag, in a special water suit, went in after the dog.

"I got about ten feet out before I went through and then I had to break the ice the rest of the way to get to it," said Montag. Adding, Initially it started to swim away but it was just trying to get around an ice chunk. And as soon as I got the ice cleared, he swam right to me."

Both Montag and the dog were easily pulled to safety.

"Pulled him on my chest and and he just laid down, waited for the ride in. And once we got on shore, even a lot of times you have the dogs or cats or anything, they don't know you they try to scram immediately and he just stayed there," said Montag.

While this story had a happy ending, the fire department says it's a good lesson on why people should not go on the ice. Montag adds, "It's thin and spotty and not good ice, stay off of it."