Disabled veteran finds kidney donor

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Months after a disabled veteran took his plea for a new kidney public, it appears he may have found his match.

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Action 2 News first introduced you to Michael Scott back in March. The disabled veteran, who's in kidney failure, receives dialysis treatment three times a week. Desperate to find a kidney donor, Michael Scott took his plea to his truck, posting signs on it, looking for a match. After speaking with Action 2 News about his search, viewers responded.

According to Scott, "I had, like, a hundred people call. A hundred messages from email to phone to almost a pigeon, a carrier pigeon showed up."

Amy Henning from Shawano is one of those people who stepped up and reached out. She says, "I happened to see the news clip of Michael looking for a kidney, and I talked with my husband, and this is something that I've wanted, in the back of my head wanted to do. And with all of the stuff that me and my husband do for disabled veterans, I said, 'Hey, what do you think about me going to try and donate my kidney?' And he was like, that would be an awesome idea."

Months after starting the process, Henning learned she was a match for Scott. "Now we're just in that final stretch to have surgery," says Henning.

They have just one last blood test to complete before getting the final go ahead.

Henning believes she's ready, saying, "A little more anxious to get it going, to get there, because it's been such a long process. It's been going on three months now and it's kind of building up. It's kind of scary, but exciting at the same time."

And if all goes as planned, the two, who've become friends through the process, could find themselves heading to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, next month for the transplant surgery.

"This is definitely life changing for me," says Scott, adding, "To me, it's like starting all over again, giving me a positive direction to go and hopefully I can go and be positive for somebody else."

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