Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection's list of consumer complaints

WISCONSIN (WBAY) - The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection have put out their list of consumer complaints.

The department said they received more than 4,000 telemarketing complaints last year. This is an increase of more than 12% than the year before and 62% increase over 2015.

Here is the list of the top ten complaints:

1). Telemarketing- 4,147
2). Landlord/tenant- 1,141
3). Telecommunications- 763
4). Identity theft- 453
5). Home improvement- 403
6). Gas pumps- 232
7). Medical services-195
8). Motor vehicle repair- 182
9). Motor vehicle sales- 149
10). Fuel quality- 113

"It is critical that consumers to report the unwanted and unsolicited calls they receive to DATCP," said Michelle Reinen, Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection.

The department says the number of complaints in 2017 were about unsolicited calls to renew extended automotive warranty service contracts and to lower credit card interest rates.

Scams were also a issue last year, with scammers falsely claiming to represent government agencies and well-known businesses such as the IRS, utility companies and "Microsoft Tech Support" in an attempt to rip off recipients.

For more information or file a complaint:

Call 1-800-422-7128
Email to

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