Denmark Lions Poinsettia Sale brings in more than 2,000 visitors

DENMARK, Wis. On Sunday the annual “Denmark Lions Poinsettia Sale” brought in thousands of people from the community. It's a tradition that's gone strong for 43 years, hosted at the Natural Beauty Greenhouse in Denmark.

The greenhouse was filled with more than 100,000 poinsettias to choose from. The sale is a way for the Denmark Lions to raise money and spread holiday cheer to the community.

"We feel so blessed that the Denmark community supports us, it's one of the great things, I've been working checkout and it's so nice when someone says oh keep the change we know that you do good work and that's kind of really the reason we're here today, trying to help other people," said Susan Selner, Chairperson for the Denmark Lions Poinsettia Sale.

The Denmark Leo community service group help out every year for the sale, which benefits humanitarian work done by the Denmark Lions.

"Well there's tons of people that come every year, it's definitely one of the biggest events the Lions puts on, it just helps raise money so we can go back out into the community and help more people,” said Bethany Schweiner, Co-President of the Denmark Leos.

Selner says the poinsettia sale continues to grow every year, when doors opened Sunday morning the community couldn't wait to get their hands on a poinsettia.

"At nine o'clock when the doors opened, I think it was 10 or 15 minutes before the whole line made it into the building, so very nice crowd," said Selner.

Selner estimates anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 visitors came through the doors.

For some people coming to the sale is a must. Donna Duckart come every year for the last 20 years, she says she loves supporting the cause.

"They have a beautiful selection here and it goes to a worthy cause, the Leos they help out and everything, it's just a good community effort," said Duckart.