Demand for interior designers make Fox Valley Tech students a hot commodity

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FOX VALLEY, Wis. (WBAY) With a growing number of home improvement shows on TV, there seems to be more interest in interior design.

On Wednesday, we learned those jobs are high in demand in the Fox Valley.

"I'm getting calls every day from employers looking to hire," said Kris Hackl, Fox Valley Tech Interior Design Department Chair.

Industry leaders in the Fox Valley credit a stronger economy.

Also, popular cable TV shows for sparking interest in the interior design market.

"People are seeing people redesigning, redoing, rebuilding, and they want a piece of that," said Bill Huss, D&M Interiors owner.

Fox Valley Tech students displayed their work with local companies stopping by.

Hailey Valentine is one of the 173 students in the program. She says interior design is something she's got an eye for.

"Going into different kinds of public spaces and kind of criticizing or analyzing it, and I don't really like the way I feel in this dentist office, like maybe I could so something about it," said Valentine.

The college says in 2016 the program saw 100 percent of its students get a job.

A couple Fox Valley Tech graduates work at D&M Interiors. Their knowledge coming into the job is noticed by the boss.

"What the tech students bring us is a little cutting edge," Huss said. "They have a real good idea of the current design just coming fresh out of school."

Bill Huss also sits on an advisory board for the Fox Valley Tech interior design program.

He says there are plenty of career paths students can take.

"The interior design can lead into the plumbing industry, Darboy stone has designers on staff, or it can lead into commercial design," said Huss.

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