Deer Tags No Longer Required

GREEN BAY, Wisc (WBAY) A decades-old, deer-hunting tradition is no longer the law in Wisconsin.

Courtesy: EPA

Effective immediately, the new state budget removes the requirement that hunters place a carcass tag on the deer they harvest.

Hunters aiming for a whitetail deer this fall suddenly have one less step to follow after harvest.

"Carcass tags for deer and turkey are no longer required," says Conservation Warden George Protogere.

While the 2017 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations pamphlet says otherwise, successful hunters in the field will now only be required to show proof of their license.

"And there's four different forms that they can display, it could be the DNR Conservation Card, a Go Wild validated drivers license, a Go Wild digital file or the actual paper copy," says Protogere.

By eliminating the decades-old requirement of placing a carcass tag on a deer, some hunters worry about an impact to harvest data, or that violators might go undetected.

"It opens the door for a lot of iffy situations, put it that way," says David Thoe from Waupaca.

Other hunters though, aren't concerned.

"Most of my friends I know are hunters and true sportsmen, they're not law breakers, they really uphold the law and they're hunters, they want to do it the right way," says Ronald LoCascio from Stevens Point.

That's the feeling shared by Governor Scott Walker.

"What you take and how you take it, there's a tradition here and we honor that, part of it is making sure that we teach the next generation to honor those traditions and that includes doing it an honest way and I think we're going to have no problem going forward," says Governor Walker.

"Large number of people that do what's right, a very small number that try to get around the law and it's going to happen with whatever rules we have out there, if someone wants to cheat, they're going to cheat," adds Protogere.

Hunters must still register their deer, online or over the phone, by 5pm the day after harvest.