Deer Hunter Input Sought

KEWAUNEE COUNTY, Wisc. (WBAY) Starting Monday, hunters are encouraged to offer input on deer population objectives in the counties they hunt.

Three years after the DNR turned over management of the herd to individual counties, advisory councils are set to establish harvest goals for the next three years.

As chair of Kewaunee County's Deer Advisory Council, Don Anderson sees a lot of benefits in the CDAC format.

"This way the hunters in the county have a say of where most of them hunt, so it's getting there, it's a slow process, trying to get the information out to the hunters themselves is kind of a tough deal," says Anderson.

That's because Anderson says the county's CDAC meetings over the past three years have been poorly attended.

"If it isn't for the guys on the council we don't have a lot of participation from the general public, I don't know if it's because they're not aware of it, if they don't care, but that is a problem," says Anderson.

Made of up hunters, farmers, foresters and tourism leaders, the county CDAC's work with DNR biologists to come up with deer population objectives for each county.

Anderson says in Kewaunee County, the goal continues to be to harvest more antlerless deer to keep the population in check, which is why hunters will receive three antlerless tags with their license this fall.

But moving forward, he's hoping for more input on the county's future recommendations.

Hunters statewide can review their CDAC's preliminary goals and offer comments online between now and September 22nd.

Recommendations will be finalized at public meetings in early October.

"Putting your comments, that's what we have to go by, when you only have a small crew show up at a meeting or to participate in it from the public standpoint you don't have a lot of opinions to go on," says Anderson.