Couples scramble after being told Darboy Club is closing

DARBOY, Wis. (WBAY) - The Darboy Club is closing its doors.

Darboy Club (WBAY photo)

Action 2 News radio partner WHBY confirmed the news with co-owner Mark Tatro.

The report states that the restaurant and banquet hall will close on June 30. The business is contacting couples who have booked weddings at the venue.

Tatro sites economic reasons for the closure.

The Darboy Club website says the venue has been voted "Best Place for a Wedding Reception" for the past 11 years.

It's also known for chicken dinners, brunches and fish fries.

Many people who had events booked at the venue are now scrambling to find a new location.

This includes Amber Saunders and Emmitt White of Appleton, who were expecting to celebrate their wedding reception July 13 at the Darboy Club -- but that was before Saunders received a phone call from one of the club's owners.

Saunders said, "I started crying right away and I was at work, so I had to pull myself together which was very difficult."

Saunders says the call, which went to voicemail, told her the club was closing and her reception, just 25 days away, was canceled.

"It's been a headache, you know? I have to deal with her stress and try and make it easier for her because I can deal with it a little easier," said White.

The couple booked the venue back in December without having to put down a deposit, but they told Action 2 News the red flags started a few months later.

"It started I guess with, I would leave voice mails for them, I would not get a call back. Emails, I did not get emails back," said Saunders.

Other venues have since stepped up and Saunders says she was able to re-book at another place not far away.

"There's people coming from out of state. So, it's just now we have to take the time to go and call all the other people to let them know there's a change where the wedding is going to be, the money we spent on wedding invitations, that's gone. We don't have anything to save for memories as far as that goes either because now it's all changing," she said.

What's especially upsetting, the couple says, is how the situation was handled.

White said, "They should have dealt with it a little differently. They could have told us months ago if they knew this was coming."

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