DNR investigates if killing geese was accidental or intentional

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PLYMOUTH, Wis. (WBAY) -- The Department of Natural Resources is investigating the death of six geese in Sheboygan County.

It happened early Wednesday morning on North Pleasant View Road in the City of Plymouth.

“Apparently there was a bunch of geese that were found in the middle of the road, appeared to be run over by a car,” says Conservation Warden Tyler Flood, Sheboygan County.

After that, photos of the dead geese made the rounds on Northeast Wisconsin Facebook page “MyPlymouth.” Since then, the photo has gotten nearly 1,000 shares.

Action 2 News crews made their way to Plymouth two days later, where feathers still lie on the side of the road and blood stains cover the street.

Conservation Warden Flood says six geese were killed, but it’s unclear whether they were hit on accident or on purpose.

From here, he says the department is conducting an investigation.

“I can't really go into details right now because it is ongoing, but there is a couple of details that we would look at pursuing,” Flood says.

Since Action 2 News first reported on the dead geese, the station has received feedback from several people in the Plymouth area.

One woman spoke with us for more than a half hour but didn’t want to appear on camera. She passed by the geese Wednesday morning, just after they were hit, and called it a “massacre.”

Via text message to Action 2 News reporter Sierra Gillespie, she said, “This was so heartbreaking for me, to see such senseless, brutal torture.”

She expressed concern for the geese’s brood, but Warden Flood is confident they are doing well.

“They are safe, safe and sound,” he says. “The baby geese reintegrated themselves. There's a lot of other mature adults in the area, and they reintegrated with those families.”

If you hit a goose with your vehicle, contact the DNR right away.

If you have any information about the dead geese in Plymouth, contact 1-800-TIP-WDNR (1-800-847-9367).

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