DNR conservation warden discusses "loan and borrow" hunting violations

Published: Nov. 11, 2019 at 5:45 PM CST
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Deer poaching and other hunting violations happen every year. Recently in Shawano County, DNR wardens investigated a case in which a hunter was trying to take more than his share of bucks.

“This isn’t just a one-time case,” said DNR Conservation Warden Jake Cross, who works in western Shawano Co.

Cross recently seized two bucks after discovering one archery hunter going beyond the state tag limit.

“We get multiple complaints a year on these and we’ve already, or I’ve already, made a few cases with the loan and borrow,” said Cross.

“Loan and borrow” refers to cases where a hunter will register a tag under another hunter’s license so they can continue shooting more deer.

“During archery season each hunter that buys an archery license is allowed to kill, or harvest, one buck per license,” said Cross.

In the recent Shawano Co. case, the hunter shot a buck earlier in the archery season but had someone else register it. That hunter then shot another, bigger buck in October.

“It’s not fair to other hunters that are out there sitting hours in the stand and waiting for that buck to come by and then someone to harvest two,” said Cross. “It’s just not fair.”

Bob Cooke is a former hunter and current sales manager at RKG Sports.

“I’ve always believed one tag for one hunter,” said Cooke.

Cooke thinks if people can get more tags great, otherwise, follow the rules.

“This is a nation of laws, we got to follow the rules,” said Cooke. “Somebody starts breaking the rules, the next guy wants to break them, pretty soon it’s pure chaos.”

Cross says the only time the tag registration rules change is during the gun deer hunt season because some tend to hunt in groups, whereas during archery season most hunt alone. But certain standards must be met in order to register another hunter’s kill.

“You have to be within voice and visual contact of another hunter that has an unused gun deer tag,” said Cross.

Cross urges people who don’t think “loan and borrow” is a big deal to keep in mind that all laws are in place for a reason.

"We have these laws in place to make sure that we have these natural resources for not only me, or you, as a hunter, or anyone else that wants to enjoy natural resources in the state, and we're out there to protect them," said Cross. “That’s all we can ask is that everyone can abide by the law so everyone can enjoy them.”

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