DNA links Wisconsin cab driver to assaults in Green Bay, Chicago

DUNN COUNTY (WBAY) - A 56-year-old cab driver charged with sexual assault in western Wisconsin is linked by DNA to a sexual assault in Green Bay, police say.

On Tuesday, Edward Woodbery was charged with second-degree sexual assault of an intoxicated victim in Dunn County. The victim told police she called for a cab after drinking in a bar on a night in Oct. 2017 and was picked up by Woodberry. She said he raped her inside the cab and then at his apartment.

Woodberry's DNA was entered into the national DNA database. Green Bay Police say it matched DNA collected after a 2011 unsolved sexual assault in Green Bay.

The DNA also matched an unsolved assault in Chicago, police say.

Green Bay Police Commander Jim Runge told Action 2 News in March that there are striking similarities between the Green Bay and Dunn County cases.

"He's a serial offender in multiple jurisdictions, and as always with these types of cases, I think he did three times that we know of. He probably did it a bunch more," Runge said.

Green Bay Police referred charges against Woodberry to the Brown County District Attorney's Office.

Green Bay investigators continue to work on two other unsolved sexual assault cases, one from 2011 and one from 2014, that came back with hits from the DNA database.

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