DHS updates list of nursing homes being investigated due to COVID-19

Published: May. 20, 2020 at 5:35 PM CDT
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The Department of Health Services has updated its list of Wisconsin nursing homes where there are active public health investigations.

It only takes one positive test at a nursing home to trigger an investigation; it takes two cases to trigger investigations at any other facility, such as factories, jails or non-health related workplaces.

Outbreaks at nursing homes have been a particular concern because older people are more susceptible to the virus.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the DHS says there are currently nine active investigations at nursing homes in northeast Wisconsin, and 53 active statewide investigations. There have been a total of 64 nursing home investigations across the state, which means 11 investigations are no longer active.

The locations of active investigations in northeast Wisconsin nursing homes include the following:

Brown County – Grancare Nursing Center and Odd Fellows Nursing Home

Outagamie County – Rennes Health and Rehab Center in Appleton and St. Paul Elder Services

Shawano County - Birch Hill Health Services

Sheboygan County – Rocky Knoll Health Care Center

Waupaca County – Pine Manor Health Care

Winnebago County - Bethel Home and Park View Health Center

Grancare Nursing Center, Odd Fellows Nursing, St. Paul Elder Services and Rocky Knoll Healthcare Center were also named in


There have been a total of 376 public health investigations throughout the state, 98 of which were in northeast Wisconsin. Those investigation numbers include those which are no longer active.

Out of the 98 total investigations in northeast Wisconsin, 58 have been at places described by the DHS as non-health care, 28 as long term care facilities, seven at group housing facilities, two at health care facilities, and three at locations listed as "other".

The DHS only names facilities which are considered nursing homes as locations of their active investigations.

The naming of the nursing homes being actively investigated just started last week. Previously, the department only listed how many investigations into nursing homes were ongoing but didn't name any facilities.

In addition, the department says nursing homes with less than 10 beds aren't included in their numbers.

to learn more about investigations across the state.

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