'Cycling Without Age' aims to connect elderly to community through biking

Green Bay A new type of bike could be making its way into the Green Bay area all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Cycling Without Age is a program that tries to connect the elderly with the community through biking.

The three wheeled bikes are called tri-shaws. They are electrically assisted, meaning it’s easy to pedal, and easy for anyone to use.

“People sit in the front so they are close to the activities and they feel like they are the focus of the ride,” said Pernille Bussone, Cycling Without Age.

The program started in 2012 and has already pedaled its way into 41 countries.

“It’s more of a social program than a biking program,” said Michelle Bachaus, Wisconsin Bicycle Federation. “It gets more people out biking. Whether they are older and can’t bike anymore or they are differently abled and have never been able to enjoy the same things the rest of us have."

Bussone said the tri-shaws are aimed at nursing homes to get people out and about into the community and there’s actually a grant that federally funded nursing homes can apply for to help pay for the bike.

“The Department of Health Services has a program called Civil Money Penalty, or CMP, which are fines the nursing homes have paid,” said Bussone. “Now that money goes back into funding activities and improving the nursing homes.”

Gary Anderson’s mother, Gen, lives at Emerald Bay Retirement community in Hobart and he is hoping they purchase one for the residents.

“I told them about it, maybe they would like it, and they are actually looking into it,” said Anderson.

If you would like more information about Cycling Without Age, head to the website www.cyclingwithoutage.com.