Customize alerts for WBAY's Action 2 News On the Go

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One of the benefits of WBAY's Action 2 News On the Go app is being alerted to news that matters most to you. But many of you rely on us for different reasons. We get that. You want to know if your child's school is closed for bad weather. You want severe weather alerts for your county.

Here's how to customize your WBAY Action 2 News On the Go app alert settings.

1. When you open the app, tap on the settings icon in the upper right corner. On Apple devices it looks like a gear. On Android devices it looks like 3 stacked dots. Some Android devices have a "menu" setting on the device itself.

News app settings icons

2. Choose "Settings."

We’ve broken up our alerts into seven categories, listed below. You can fine tune your notifications so you receive the news that matters to you.
* On Apple devices, tap the toggle button to green for the alerts you want to receive.
* On Android devices, tap the checkbox.

News app setting toggles

BREAKING NEWS: These are the things that have immediacy or that we think you'll really want to know, such as robberies, missing children, and crashes closing highways.

TRENDING: There’s a lot happening in northeast Wisconsin every day. When it does, you need to find out what’s going on. We’ll make sure you stay up-to-date on all of the day’s breaking news. Plus, you’ll know about the major stories impacting your community.

SEVERE WEATHER: Stay safe! When major warnings and watches are issued, you’ll know immediately where they are and how soon they might reach you. These aren’t your day-to-day forecasts.

SEVERE WEATHER - County specific alerts:
If you opted to receive severe weather alerts, you can narrow down which counties you want notifications for. Click the search bar or scroll through the list of counties in WBAY-TV's viewing area. Toggle or tap the county or counties you want. When you're finished, click "Done" on Apple devices or hit your Android's back button.

News app county listing

WEATHER FORECASTS: These are your day-to-day forecasts. We'll let you know if you're going to need a jacket, an umbrella or a shovel today.

LIVE REMINDERS: You’ve heard the expression, “Well, you just had to be there…” When we’re live streaming local events or severe weather coverage, you’ll know it’s on.

SPORTS: This is Titletown, and for some fans Packers news is the best news of the day. Our Action 2 Sports team also covers the diamonds, courts, rinks, tracks, fields, greens and sidelines.

CLOSINGS: When your school changes plans because of bad weather, you'll know about it almost as soon as we do with custom alerts.Tap the search bar to find a school or some local employers and toggle or tap to select up to 5 locations.

If your school follows the status of another school or district (for example, GRACE schools following Green Bay Area Public School changes), we strongly recommend you select both. When you're finished, click "Done" on Apple devices or hit your Android's back button.

The Action 2 News On the Go app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play or the Amazon Appstore.