Cruise ship to dock in Green Bay as city becomes port of call

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The city of Green Bay will welcome a cruise ship during this summer.

Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay are ports of call on a 10-day Great Lakes cruise from Milwaukee to Windsor, Ontario. The cruise is operated by Victory Cruise Lines.

Brown County Port Director Dean Haen says Green Bay could become a destination for additional cruise ships.

"We'll have two port of calls in Green Bay. The Victory will be visiting this summer in July and August, and the projections are that next year there's going to be eight cruise lines working on the Great Lakes, all carrying high-end, international passengers. And they're planning on coming and visiting Green Bay, and hopefully this takes off and we become a real destination," Haen says.

The vessels average about 400 feet in length and carry up to 400 passengers.

Passengers are paying more than $6,000 per person for their excursion.

"What they're interested in is cultural, arts, German-Belgian heritage, Oneida Tribe, Native American history, things like that. That's what these people are traveling to see," Haen says.

The cruise ships will dock at the city-owned Leicht Park. Haen says the dock is in need of repairs so it's suitable and safe for multi-million dollar vessels.

He says this summer is an important first year for Green Bay as a port of call.

"It is, yeah. If you muck it up the first time you might not get a chance at a second," Haen says.

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