Crews prepare for last performance at Brown County Arena

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ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (WBAY) - After 60 years of hosting concerts, sporting events and numerous shows, preparations were underway Friday for the last concert at Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena.

Crews set the stage for the Bret Michaels concert at Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena, which will be the last concert before the arena is torn down (WBAY photo)

The last time lights will dim and the speakers will blare for Saturday's performance by iconic rocker Bret Michaels, who asked to close out his "Unbroken" world tour with his sixth visit to the arena.

"Bret Michaels has a huge history at the arena," PMI Management's Senior Manager for Corporate Communications Terry Charles said. "He opened several tours here, playing with Poison back in the 80's and 90's."

Organizers were also casting the concert in a throwback light, literally.

"The thing that was used back in the day were par cans, or canned lighting," Charles said. "The promoter decided to try and make this a throwback concert and pretty much use all of the par cans. He's got about 650 par cans."

Most of the lights used in shows these days are automatic and digital.

Crew chief for Lighthouse Productions, Jason Strazishar, said Michael's performance won't be the only thing generating major electricity.

"We are actually exceeding the power limitation of the venue by about four times," Strazishar said. "So we actually have a large-scale generator in the parking lot that we are running the majority of services to this rig to run for the show."

Crews tweaked the stage at the arena to allow seating for 130 more people to buy a ticket and experience the last concert.

Charles said this last performance is bittersweet, but that everyone's excited for a new expo center to be built in its place.

"If all things go well, that new facility will be running by 2021," said Charles.

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