Crews groom Titletown District tubing hill ahead of opening

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - It's a question on a lot of people's minds as they visit the new Titletown District: When is that tubing hill going to open?

Ariens Hill and the Titletown skating rink (WBAY photo)

The Green Bay Packers say tubers will soon be able to go down the new Ariens Hill in the Titletown District.

Friday was a day for grooming the 46-foot tubing hill.

That big snow storm earlier this week provided the hill with six inches of fresh powder, but that isn't enough. Crews are still using snow machines to make snow.

From start to finish, the ride stretches 300 feet. Because of that, a lot of snow is needed for it to open.

"We've got some plans laid out that we'll groom some lanes. So, viewers in the area that may have gone over to Navarino or Kewaunee Winter Park, the tubing with the actual groomed lanes, that's what we're going to create here," says Aaron Popkey, Packers Director of Public Affairs.

The team says the grooming process will take a few days. They expect to know by this weekend when the hill will open to tubers.

"We anticipate, yes, we'll be open next week," Popkey says. "We'll see how things go over the new few days and getting the hill ready and at some point this weekend, I think we'll have a target day next week to open up."

Still, Titletown visitors are anxious to see if they'll be able to enjoy the hill for next weekend's home game.

"I'm super excited," Eric Dollar said while visiting the park. "I'd like to be out here. I don't know, it's gonna be pretty busy during the Packer game, but it'll be open all winter so we'll definitely be there."

Even though Ariens Hill is still closed, there are plenty of other sledding hills around town taking advantage of Wednesday's snowfall. Green Bay's Triangle Sports Area opened for the winter season Thursday night.

Facilities superintendent Jason Arnoldi said, "Typically we need between 6 to 8 inches of sustainable snow. We can go a little less if it's really good snow, sometimes a little more if it's not so good snow, so kind of varies from year to year."

Arnoldi doesn't think the opening of Ariens Hill will affect attendance of Triangle Hill, but he hopes people will take advantage of both.

"I don't know how much it'll affect our attendance, here but it seems like they have a good program over there as well, so I would encourage people to check out both places and enjoy the winter activities that Green Bay has to offer," Arnoldi said.

Ariens Hill will be open on seven days a week, even on holidays and game days.

An unlimited ride ticket costs $10. A single ride costs $5.

Click here for hours and pricing.

Popkey says this first year especially, constant monitoring of the hill will be needed.

"We'll continue to groom out the lanes as needed, and of course we'll be monitoring how the tubes are running down the hill as well so there's constant maintenance we need to take a look at, and that's something -- it's our first time around this year, so we're anxious to see how things work out, of course use all the process necessary to make sure everything is working really well."

The ice skating rink has been open for a few weeks now. Click here for hours and pricing for the skating rink.

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