Crews flush out remaining manure after spill at Phil Robertson farm

OUTAGAMIE COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Clean up continues Wednesday at the Phil Robertson farm on the Oneida Reservation after a manure spill over the weekend.

The Wisconsin DNR says nearly 300,000 gallons spilled into Silver Creek, a tributary of Duck Creek.

“On the side slope of the manure pit there was some solids that were stuck in the vegetation so we're using a fire hose to kind flush the manure solids down into this grassed water way,” said Eric Evensen, nonpoint source coordinator for the DNR.

The DNR and Outagamie county officials were at the Phil Robertson farm on Wednesday helping the farm flush the remaining manure left in the grassy area below the manure pit that spilled over.

The valve holding the manure between the barn and the main manure storage pit failed, causing the main storage structure to over flow.

The break happened sometime Sunday.

The manure is being flushed through a grassy area to another collection pit, where it can be pumped out before reaching Silver Creek.

Phil Robertson’s farm is equipped to hold 300,000 gallons of manure, but Rayan Folkman of Ryan’s Farm Services said not quite that much made it to the water.

“It ran down to the lower pit and then that one filled up and then when that one filled up it ran down this way. So, judging based on how much we pumped out before we went back to the previous level I would say 50,000 gallons or so,” said Folkman.

The DNR is working with Outagamie County and Oneida Reservation officials on the cleanup.

They say it’s hard to tell how much manure actually made it to the creek, but always plan for the worst case scenario.

The DNR says they are waiting for the results of the water quality and bacteria testing from Silver Creek.