Credit card skimmers found in Green Bay; two men from Cuba arrested

Published: Mar. 14, 2017 at 3:19 PM CDT
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Green Bay Police have arrested two men who are accused of stealing credit card information through skimmer devices.

The suspects, 28-year-old Orlando Nazario, and 41-year-old Juan Mesa-Diaz, are each being held on a $40,000 bond.

Both men are from Cuba. Mesa-Diaz is here illegally, and was placed on an immigration hold, according to police.

Police say each suspect is facing identity theft charges.

Investigators believe the suspects placed skimming devices inside pumps at gas stations across the city. The devices allow criminals to copy or upload credit card numbers or pins from people who purchase gas at the pump.

Because the device is internal, the crime was not immediately detectable. The investigation started after victims with fraudulent credit card charges came forward.

Police viewed surveillance video from gas stations, banks, and ATMs. That's where they spotted Nazario and Mesa-Diaz.

The suspects were arrested on Sunday.

Police believe the men were using the stolen money at casinos or to buy food.

Investigators are urging business owners to carefully check pumps and change the locks.

"We're really hoping that the gas station owners can find a way to re-key all of their compartments," sad Lt. Rick Belanger, Green Bay Police. "Somehow there are master keys floating around, and from what we're seeing nationwide, that is how they're getting access to this. They're getting into the machine and putting devices in there, which nobody will know about."

Police say the suspects have no known ties to the Green Bay area. It's believed the traveled from Texas to commit the crimes.

Green Bay Police do not know if there are more skimmers out there, so they suggest customers pay inside the store if possible.

"Just be real cautious. Watch your account, report it to your local police, for sure, because it could tie into our case," said Lt. Belanger.

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